MAKO Robotic Surgery in Westlake Village
Looking for the right orthopedic surgeon in Westlake Village is easy if you consider the level of expertise of each candidate.  You may recall our blog post on how to choose your surgeon.  It highlights the main qualifications to look for when choosing who to see for orthopedic conditions: Is your surgeon fellowship trained? How
The “LA Knee Guy” - Best Orthopedic Knee Specialist in Ventura County
Friday, 20 August 2021 / Published in Dr Greg Tchejeyan, L.A. Knee Guy
The “LA Knee Guy” – Best Orthopedic Knee Specialist in Ventura County
Many LA residents have heard of Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan.  If not for his Ironman victories, then for his pristine record as a Board-Certified Orthopedic surgeon!  You can get to know him a little more personally here. Those who don’t know Dr. Tchejeyan will inevitably come to do so; his reputation precedes him as the
MAKO The Next Big Thing In Robotics
Friday, 13 August 2021 / Published in MAKO, Robotic Surgery
MAKO – The Next Big Thing In Robotics
In the world of Orthopedics, surgical methods and techniques are always being improved upon.  That’s why any good surgeon pursues continued education to stay abreast of the industry’s improvements and developments.   Board-Certified Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan is no stranger to this.  He is continually seeking knowledge about different orthopedic surgical techniques, determining what is most
Post Surgery Rehabilitation: What To Expect
When it comes to orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation of your joints begins almost immediately.  Whether you’ve had partial or total joint replacement surgery for the hip, knee, shoulder, spine, wrist, hand, foot, or ankle – Dr. Tchejeyan won’t send you home without a plan to get you moving around as quickly and safely as possible! And
Saving Your Joints - All About Osteotomy
Friday, 23 July 2021 / Published in Osteotomy
Saving Your Joints – All About Osteotomy
Although our body’s skeletal anatomy is generally the same, not all people are born with every bone in perfect condition or position.  Abnormal bone alignment is a genetic condition that places abnormal pressure upon a joint. In situations like this, patients can develop early arthritic changes at a young age. Rather than living in pain,
What is OATS (Osteoarticular Transfer System)
An Osteoarticular Transfer System procedure is simply a type of cartilage transplant surgery. When it comes to joint surgeries, orthopedic surgeons have several options to help a patient heal or repair injuries caused by birth defects or trauma. Generally, if damage to the joint is isolated to a specific area, a procedure like OATS is
3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prevent Osteoarthritis
Thursday, 08 July 2021 / Published in Osteoarthritis
3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Prevent Osteoarthritis
Arthritis is a fairly common diagnosis today.  The word itself comes from the Greek words “arthro-” meaning joint, and “-itis” meaning inflammation.  Arthritis is therefore a condition in which the patient experiences inflammation of a particular joint.  There are several types of arthritis diagnoses. Many of them are recognizable autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus Arthritis,
Friday, 18 June 2021 / Published in Athlete Knee Care
Specialized Care For Athletes
Among the several sub-specialties of orthopedics, sports medicine is perhaps the most common. Many orthopedic surgeons go on to become fellowship-trained in sports medicine.
All About ACL Reconstruction
Wednesday, 16 June 2021 / Published in ACL Reconstruction
All About ACL Reconstruction
As you may recall from the Knee Anatomy 101 post, there are several ligaments (bands of tough, elastic connective tissue) within the knee that surround the joint to limit and support its movement.  When these ligaments get damaged, orthopedic surgery is required.  ACL surgery is a major surgery that either reconstructs or replaces a torn
Exercising For Knee Health
Friday, 11 June 2021 / Published in Knee Exercises
Exercising For Knee Health
There are many situations in which a knee injury requires surgery, however, there is one significant, non-invasive method that may help you avoid it altogether, and that’s exercising! But If My Knee Hurts, Why Exercise? Exercise is a great way to prevent injury, strengthen, and rehabilitate injured joints.  Knee, hip, and core strengthening exercises in