Dr. Tchejeyan’s Philosophy On Health

Medicine That Works

As an athlete, your body is important to you. It allows you to move effectively, do the things you’re passionate about, and engage in the sports you love playing. If your body isn’t working right, or if you’ve been injured, it’s going to be difficult and often unenjoyable to do the things you love.

Dr. Tchejeyan understands this.  He’s passionate about keeping his patients moving. As someone who has completed 5 Ironmans, he knows firsthand how health and performance go hand in hand. His goal is to offer medical advice and treatments that work for athletes.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Many times, athletes who visit large hospitals or physician groups are told they need total joint replacements or major surgical procedures. Unfortunately, these are invasive procedures, and not only may they affect your ability to perform at your best, but they may also be unnecessarily aggressive.

Because he is committed to athletes’ health, Dr. Tchejeyan aims to perform treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible. He’s had several cases where patients came to him for a second opinion.  Through various imaging tests, Dr. T. determines a diagnosis and recommends the most effective solution that will have the best results, which may even be non-operative.  Oftentimes, his knee patients are told by a large hospital group that only a total joint replacement is the solution, even for mild disease. Dr. T. often finds that the damage is centralized to one area, meriting only a partial knee resurfacing instead.  This type of situation means a world of difference to the patient’s recovery time and mobility post surgery.  It’s also the reason he’s known as the “L.A. Knee Guy”!  


When you come to Dr. Tchejeyan with an injury, he and his highly qualified and passionate team will do everything they can to ensure that you get the right treatment for your injury. But in sports medicine, treatment is only half the battle.

Athletes are often only treated for the injuries they have and then sent on their way. But an important aspect of medicine involves prevention of potential future injuries. Dr. Tchejeyan will help you understand what you need to do to prevent further injuries from occurring. In fact, he recently spoke at an informational zoom session for cyclists on how to prevent injuries to the lower extremity in their sport.

Dr. T. also stays in touch with his patients.  Seeing them at least annually, he builds relationships and stays abreast of their condition or surgical healing and progress.

Medicine for Any Athlete

An avid cyclist and runner himself, Dr. Tchejeyan values the body’s innate mobility and seeks to preserve it at all costs.  Even if you’re not an athlete, it’s important to Dr. T. that each and every patient of his can feel their best.  Regardless of your practiced sport and skill level, you will always find the treatment and prevention options you need at TJN Orthopedics. His minimally invasive treatments are often safer and more effective than the far more invasive alternatives.

He’ll pay close attention to your individual needs and goals and ensure that his treatment plan fits your diagnosis. No matter your age or athletic ability level, you’re welcome at his clinic.

“A physician is an advocate for health, but I believe they should also be an example of health!” 
Around his 40th birthday, Dr. T. decided to train for and compete in his first Ironman Triathlon.

An athlete himself, Dr. T. knows that his active patients don’t want to be told not to do what they love!  That’s why he focuses on each patient’s unique injury in order to maximize their ability to continue their passion.

Joint pain and injuries can have a serious impact on your overall health. If you have experienced a knee injury and you’re looking for safe and effective treatment, look no further than The LA Knee Guy, Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan.