The Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition, especially for people who like to be very active. For this reason, arthroscopic surgery that doesn’t involve cutting muscles and tendons is such an important innovation. Here at TJN Orthopedics in Thousand Oaks, CA, Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan performs arthroscopic surgery for both native and replaced joints.

Why Is Arthroscopic Surgery Better?

When you undergo traditional surgery, many of your tissues, including muscles and tendons, have to be cut, which results in a lot of bleeding and many weeks of recovery time. However, new innovations in medicine have allowed us to avoid this, and we can now heal many different conditions with arthroscopy

This treatment involves making a small, pencil-sized incision in your skin and then inserting a small instrument that contains a lighting device.  That way, the inside of your joint can be seen and treated without the extensive tissue damage that typically accompanies surgery. As a result, most patients benefit from a much shorter recovery time and a greater chance of getting back to normal. Arthroscopy isn’t suitable for everyone or for all injuries, but Dr. Tchejeyan takes the time to make a proper diagnosis and determine whether it’s a good solution for your case.

What Conditions Can Arthroscopic Surgery Treat?

Known commonly as the “L.A. Knee Guy”, Dr. Tchejeyan makes use of arthroscopic surgery in the spectrum of procedures to preserve your joint before replacement if necessary. Common indications for arthroscopy include, but are not limited to: 

For appropriately selected people, arthroscopy can provide a reliable and effective solution to alleviate joint pain. Often MRI findings can be overly sensitive in diagnosing torn cartilage and under-sensitive for reporting the severity of arthritis. A skilled clinician can aid in the selection process to determine if arthroscopy would be helpful for the earlier stages of joint degeneration. However, there is a sub-group of people with knee arthritis that can be significantly helped with appropriate arthroscopic surgery.
Many people with an arthritic condition can benefit from arthroscopy because it allows them to heal without damaging the tissues that surround the knee. Contact Dr. T. at TJN Orthopedics in Thousand Oaks, CA today to find out more about the innovative orthopedic treatments available and to book your initial consultation. Our friendly staff looks forward to getting to know you!