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Gregory H. Tchejeyan, MD is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopaedic care possible, while utilizing the latest technological and cutting edge advancements. Along with a solid base in general orthopaedics covering a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions, Doctor Tchejeyan offers expertise and fellowship training in sports medicine, joint replacement and fracture care. Performing over 10,000 surgeries during the last twenty years, Doctor Tchejeyan strives to provide effective and personalized health care and a dedication to restore your active lifestyle.

We are pleased to have you as a patient and welcome the chance to get to know you. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact our office and our trained staff will assist you in any way possible.

hip repair

While many hip conditions can be treated through conservative methods, surgery is often needed because of the excessive weight placed on the joint while walking, standing and performing other regular activities.

knee repair

As an active, weight-bearing joint, the knee is a source of pain and problems for many people. This pain may be acute or chronic, and may be a result of injury, overuse or growth. Some of the most common knee conditions include Arthritis, Bursitis, Dislocated kneecap, Meniscal tear, Ligament injuries, Patellar tendonitis.

shoulder repair

The shoulder is a "ball-and-socket" joint made up of the upper arm bone (humerus), shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone (clavicle). This joint is the most flexible one in the body and allows for a full range of motion, but also makes the shoulder a common source of injury and instability.

sports medicine

Sports medicine is a subspecialty of orthopedics that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries suffered during athletic activity. The goal of treatment is to heal and rehabilitate the injury so patients can return to their favorite activities quickly, whether it's Little League, recreational play or a high school, college or professional sport.

The Acorn

February 7, 2019
New tech puts TOSH on cutting edge of joint replacement

Author and sports TV personality John Brenkus’ physically active lifestyle had caused much of the cartilage and some of the bone in his knee to wear away. The pain got so bad, it made it difficult to walk, let alone run, swim or cycle.

Desperate for relief, the 47-year-old amateur triathlete traveled from his home in Park City, Utah, to Ventura County in December to undergo a dual compartmental knee-replacement surgery using new robotic technology offered by Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital (TOSH).

“I told Dr. T (Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan), I just need to... Read More


Urgent Ortho Care


What to Do if you are Suffering from Joint Pain


8 Advantages of Robotic Joint Replacement

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Dr. T's Approach to Robotic Technology

Dr. Greg Tchejeyan is trained to use the MAKO robotic arm for joint replacement, which increases recovery time and improves overall performance during and after a joint repair.


Urgent Ortho Care

Dr. Greg Tchejeyan introduces Urgent Ortho Care, an orthopedic Urgent Care in Thousand Oaks California that specializes in treating individuals with immediate orthopedic injuries.

Gregory H. Tchejeyan, MD.

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Tchejeyan is Fellowship-trained in Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine. He trained in New York with the world-renowned Insall Scott Kelly Institute where he assisted the team doctors for the Knicks and Yankees. He currently practices in Southern California specializing in Orthopaedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement, Sports Medicine, Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) / Navigation, and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).