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Conejo Orthopaedic and Spine Institute

Gregory H. Tchejeyan, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery
250 Lombard Street, 1st floor
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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2. Instructions for Downloading the Mobile App

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Use the healow™ Telemed Visit Portal App from eClinicalWorks, LLC

  • The healow™ app lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access up to date medical records. You will be able to access your appointments, lab results, vitals, manage medications and other personal data all within one app. From the healow app you can manage multiple accounts and access your and your family’s medical information.

  • Find a doctor and book your appointment – fast, free & easy, at your convenience – morning, noon or late at night! No more waiting on the phone with your doctor’s office for an appointment. Find an appointment that works for you and book instantly – on the go!

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In order to join your healow Telemed Visit, you will require a webcam, and speakers or headphones.

If you need to cancel or reschedule this appointment, please call 805-495-3687 to make alternative arrangements

3. The following is an example of an email that you will receive once your Telemed Visit Portal credentials have been issued: