Recovering After A Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery is a procedure that can restore mobility to the knee and reduce and even eliminate the pain that may have been affecting you for years. Once you finally take this step and schedule the procedure, you won’t regret your decision. Restoring function and mobility post-injury can be life changing.

After undergoing a complete knee replacement surgery, you’ll have a brand new knee. Still, you must first recover before enjoying all the benefits of increased function and mobility. Recovery times vary based on the patient, but typically, it can take anywhere from three to twelve months to fully recover after undergoing this procedure.

How To Have the Best Recovery Post-Op


Rest is an important part of any post-surgical recovery, so once your knee replacement surgery is complete, you’ll need to ensure that you get plenty of rest. Preparing for this part of your recovery begins well before the day of your surgery. Before your scheduled procedure, you should make sure that you have a recovery area prepped and ready with everything you’ll need to begin resting immediately.

Additionally, planning ahead and making sure you have meals ready, someone who can help you with daily housework, and care for you during those first few days will make a significant difference in your recovery.


While resting and walking may sound like two contrary directives, it’s important that you balance rest with activity to promote healing and blood flow. You’ll be provided with some very clear directives as to when to walk, how often to walk, and how much is too much. Walking post-op is one of the best ways to promote a quick and healthy recovery, as long as you stay within the guidelines provided and don’t push yourself too hard.

Focus on Eating Healing Foods

Food can be healing or damaging to your overall health and your recovery, so it’s vital that you choose the right foods during your recovery that will promote health and healing. When your body has to focus on filtering out chemicals, toxins, and other ingredients that don’t support overall health, it can’t devote complete energy to healing and your overall recovery. For that reason, be sure to choose healthy, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Attend Physical Therapy Appointments

Physical therapy will be an important part of your recovery because it will help your knee heal so that you can regain normal movement and improved function as soon as possible. It also helps strengthen the muscles surrounding your knee, which will help the recovery process significantly. Making sure that you schedule and attend physical therapy appointments as directed by the surgeon post-op will ensure that you heal and recover as quickly as possible.

Complete knee replacement surgery can transform and improve the quality of your life and give you your mobility back. If you’ve been living with pain and limited mobility and believe that this surgical procedure is in your future, our experts can provide you with more information about the procedure, the recovery, and the outcome. Contact us today at Tchejeyan Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to schedule a consultation to learn more about total knee replacements.