Symptoms of Knee Cartilage Damage

If your knee hurts, you are experiencing unusual stiffness, or you have trouble standing and walking, you might wonder what the problem is. While joint issues have several causes, one of the most common conditions is knee cartilage damage. Today, we will examine why people develop this problem and what the most common symptoms are.

Cartilage is found in many areas of the body, and it helps your joints to function well by preventing the bones from rubbing together. It’s tough and flexible, which makes it a great shock absorber for often-used joints such as your knees or your hips. Unfortunately, it can wear down over time, especially in people who are very active, those who are obese, or those who have a genetic predisposition for osteoarthritis.

In some cases, cartilage can also become damaged due to an injury, for example, while playing sports. If you experience issues such as pain and swelling in your knee, noises when moving the joint, or trouble standing and walking, you might have damaged your cartilage. In this case, you should get in touch with an orthopedic specialist to have the diagnosis confirmed and find out about treatment options.

Pain and Swelling 

Almost everyone with damaged cartilage experiences pain. Over time, this can get worse, particularly in patients who have osteoarthritis. At first, you might only feel discomfort when you walk or put pressure on the joint, but later on, the pain could persist even when you’re resting. Swelling is also common, especially after an acute injury. Your knee might look normal at first and then swell up several hours after your accident.

Noises and Stiffness 

Often, people with malfunctioning cartilage complain about stiffness in the joint. It might not bend and stretch as well as before, and there could also be grinding or clicking sensations. If your cartilage is completely worn down, this occurs because your bones are rubbing up against each other.

This could cause major problems later, so you must have your condition addressed by a specialist. The general rule is that you should see someone if your pain doesn’t improve within one to two weeks of self-treatment.

Trouble Standing or Walking 

Over time, people with osteoarthritis develop trouble with their regular activities, such as standing, walking, and completing household tasks. While the main reason for their limited movement is the pain and stiffness, they often also suffer from a lack of control in the knee.

For instance, some patients report that their knee gives way suddenly or that the joint locks. It goes without saying that this could be dangerous when out and about, especially once the condition progresses.
Damage to the cartilage in the knee is common, and it can occur due to an injury or wear and tear. The most frequently reported symptoms are pain, swelling, noises in the joint, stiffness, and trouble standing or walking. If you experience any of these issues, consult Dr. Gregory H. Tchejeyan. There might be a minimally invasive treatment that could help you regain your mobility. Call us now at TJN Ortho in Thousand Oaks, CA to book your appointment.

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