How Is Patellar Tendonitis Diagnosed
However, when you injure your knee, it is frequently difficult to tell what part of the knee is damaged and what the nature of the injury is.
The Fastest Way To Heal Patellar Tendonitis
r tendonitis is an injury of the knee. Having healthy, mobile knees is important for everyone, but especially for people who like to stay active. If you are struggling with this injury, Dr. Tchejeyan can help. Here is a little more information on healing tendonitis of the patella.
Exercising For Knee Health
Friday, 11 June 2021 / Published in Knee Exercises
Exercising For Knee Health
There are many situations in which a knee injury requires surgery, however, there is one significant, non-invasive method that may help you avoid it altogether, and that’s exercising! But If My Knee Hurts, Why Exercise? Exercise is a great way to prevent injury, strengthen, and rehabilitate injured joints.  Knee, hip, and core strengthening exercises in